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A Journey To The Past: Beypazari

In the 17th century the Ottoman traveller Evliya Çelebi wrote that Beypazarı lays in two valleys and consisted of 3011 two-storey houses with timber covered adobe walls. He said that the town had 70 schools, seven hans and hamams and 600 shops, and a weekly market where all kinds of fine and valuable commodities were sold. In 1884  a fire destroyed thousand of houses in the town, which were rebuilt by craftsmen from Beypazarı and Safranbolu in the late 19th century. Today with its over 3000 houses and two-centuries old buildings in the town centre, Beypazarı is one of the unspoilt Otoman towns in Turkey. The old quarter is under conservation, and the exteriors of 500 of these picturesque houses have already been restored. Works on the others is continuing.

Name History: Lagania which means the country on the peak of the rocks was used in the first ages. After Roman Empire Anastasios's visit it changed into Lagania-Anastasiopolis. The present name Beypazari has been used since Seljuqi Empire. Beypazari means marketplace of lords, because it is a city on the Silk Road.
Numeral Analysis: 1868 km² area, Altitude: 680 meters, Population: 34.441 (2000) Income average is twice bigger than Turkey's average.
Civilizations: Hittites, Phyrigians, Galatians, Romans, Byzantine, Seljuqi and Ottomans. An episcopacy center in Roman Times, A commercial center in Ottoman times...
The Way They Earn: Beypazari provides the carrot need of Turkey at %60 percentage. Agriculture is the way they earn firstly. Beypazari Mineral Water Company, Coachwork Industry and Cayirhan electricity central are the other main elements which support economy in Beypazari.
Location and Weather: It is only 100 kilometres to Ankara which is capital of Turkey. The weather is a few degrees warmer than Ankara.                          

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