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Historical Buildings


"The Unique Multilingual Site of Beypazari"

"The city you couldn't go is not yours."

Museum of City History (Kent Tarihi Muzesi)

In this museum, you can observe historical process of Beypazari room by room. There are original handmade models and it is possible to watch presentations about Beypazari. The unique tourism portal of Beypazari gives the chance of observing this museum with videos of the museum. All the rights of these videos are preserved by

THE FIRST AGES OF BEYPAZARI: The seashells before 25-80 million years ago can be seen in Culture House or Museum of City History. In this video, you will see the history of Beypazari starting from Luwi to Roman Empire...

BEYPAZARI IN SELJUQI AND OTTOMAN TIMES: Sultan Alaaddin Mosque and Bogazkesen Cupola are the builndings from Seljuqi times. The other part of the city bears the features of  classical city architecture. In this part, you will watch Beypazari in Seljuqi and Ottoman times.

BEYPAZARI IN ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS(1839) TIMES: It informs us about life style in this time.

TURKISH REPUBLIC TIMES OF BEYPAZARI: It informs us about Beypazari in the national struggle times. What they did are explained one by one. The women of Turkish Republic and education are the stressed concepts...

LIVING BEYPAZARI: This part inform us about socio-economic condition, realized projects, tourism, agriculture of Beypazari. You can also see this process in Living Museum.




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