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Suluhan literally means caravanserai which has water supply. In Seljuqi and Ottoman times, they build a caravanserai on each 30 kilometres of Silk Road. Suluhan is one of them. It was built in the beginning of 17th century by possibly Grand Vizier Nasuh Pasha. It was damaged by the 7 fires of Beypazari, so restoration works are ongoing there. This building originally included an inn, a big pantry and many shops. There was an inscription on which a sword figure and its history could be found, but a governor of Beypazari changed this inscription with the new one on which his name can be found. It is on historical Alaaddin Street.

HISTORICAL MARKETPLACE (TARİHİ ÇARŞI): There are many craftsmen who are interested in copper, iron, silver, gold, packsaddle and weawing. You can feel the public spirit there, because in Turkish and Ottoman culture, trade in moral values is very important on Alaaddin Street. You see that all the tradesmen sell their homemade products at the same price. There are many Turkish idioms about that tradition. In Ottoman times, the salary of religios leader of Ottoman Empire was sent from here. It is very enjoyable to visit historical street where there are 600 shops whose ages are 200 years old.

"BEDESTEN" MARKETPLACE: Bedesten means the marketplace where antiques and valuable items are kept and sold, so it is very important for Ottaman trade system because all the important tradesmen were in that marketplace. This marketplace was opened and closed with prayer. In reality, it shows how Ottomans and Turks give importance to moral values and ethical trade.




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