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"The Unique Multilingual Site of Beypazari"

"The city you couldn't go is not yours."

Traditional Foods of Beypazari

In addition to the historical importance of Beypazari, it has a rich cuisine. Handmade "tarhana" soup(a traditional spicy soup), stew(rice and meat baked in a clay pot), "sarma"(stuffed wine vegetables), 80 layered homemade "baklava"(a famous turkish dessert) are the foods served as traditional menu in restaurants. This cuisine is named as "the Palace Cuisine".

Tarhana Soup of Beypazari: You feel the taste of organic tomatoes which are grown in Beypazari. It is served by adding some mince meat. If you are flu, you will heal after drinking it...

Stew of Beypazari: As one of the most special foods of regional kitchen, the stew of Beypazari is prepared carefully and then cooked in stone ovens. It is served in earthenwares.

"Sarma" of Beypazari:  Women living in Beypazari roll vine leaves by putting rice and a little mince meat. Leaves, used while preparing this food, are very fresh ones grown in Beypazari. Taste of it comes from the skillful hands of women in Beypazari.

"Baklava" of Beypazari: It is unbelievable that "baklava of Beypazari" has 80 layer, but it is only 5-6 centimetres. Originally, wallnut particles are put in each 5 layer and baked about 4 hours.

"Hosmelim":  Hosmelim, which is made of flour, milk, cream, butter and sugar, is another special dessert of the local cuisine. It is served hot originally. Besides Hosmelim, there is another dessert called as Percem made of dough and wallnut again. It is fried in butter and then served. It is another specialty of Beypazari cuisine.




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