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Patented Foods of Beypazari

"Kuru"(a type of biscuit) of Beypazari is only produced in Beypazari. It is made in stone ovens and it protects its freshness nearly one year. We suggest you to eat it in tea times by dipping into tea or eating alone like biscuit.

%70 of the population work in agriculture thanks to its fertile soil. Vegetable need of big cities like Ankara and Istanbul is obtained from Beypazari. The main products are tomatoe, spinach, cucumber, lettuce, pepper and carrot. Beypazari aims organic agriculture without using any chemicals while producing them. Beypazari provides the carrot need of Turkey at %60 percentage. Subsidiary products of carrot like carrot jam and carrot delight are the most precious products you can find in Beypazari.

A syrup made by boiling down grape juice is called "pekmez". "Pekmez" and dessert made of "pekmez" and wallnut are very popular in Beypazari. This product is made of the quality grapes of the region.

       "Kuru"(biscuit)                            Carrot Delight            Dessert made of "pekmez"










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