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Mineral Water of Beypazari

The company was founded in 1957 and starting from 1980, it modernized and dynamically developed itself with ongoing investments. Beypazari Mineral Water's market is increasing due to its rich mineral content. They think that drinking mineral water from glass bottles is the healthiest way, because it has been observed that PET bottles give a plastic taste and a bad smell to water. In addition to this, it is known that PET bottled water has a shorter shelf life. Beypazari Mineral Water is marketed with a special glass bottle designed for their company.

Utilizing the newest technology in our bottling section, they have the ability to manufacture 150.000 bottles of water per hour in a hygienic environment, but the actual capacity depends upon the demands of the market. Taking hygiene and sanitation seriously, their quality control laboratories make the necessary tests and controls regularly and the customers can consume Beypazari mineral water contently.

Beypazari Mineral Water is pure as it comes from the nature and it does not contain any additives. It gives a natural taste. The company distributes its product in the entire Turkey including The Republic of Northern Cyprus. Mineral Water of Beypazari trusts in their product's pureness and quality. Mineral Water of Beypazari is proud of sharing nature's taste with the consumers.







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