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Mosques of Beypazari

There are many new and old mosques in Beypazarı. We inform you about mosques you should see certainly...

SULTAN ALAADDIN MOSQUE: It was built between 1221 and 1225 by Seljuq Emperor Sultan Alaaddin(ruled beween1221-1237). It bears all Seljuq architectural features. Having one minaret(tower) and a plain courtyard are main features of the mosque. It was built of stone bricks as the other Seljuq mosques. In Seljuqi times, they build three structures in the same time. The first of them is Turkish Bath, because they run the hot water of the bath to  the underground of the mosque; so they have an original heating system... Secondly they build mosque which has already a heating system. Thirdly they build mills which helps people to get flour and food.  This mosque has also a religious importance that a piece of prophet Muhammed can be seen in that mosque on special occasions. The location of Sultan Alaaddin Mosque is on Alaaddin Street which gives its name...

AKSEMSEDDIN MOSQUE: Aksemseddin is an important person who plays an active role in the conquest of Istanbul. Akşemseddin is teacher of Fatih Sultan Mehmet who conquered Istanbul and one of the leading doctors of the age. I think it was built in 9th century by seeing Akşemseddin's age. It was demolished by the fire in 1869 and built again by a rich person living in Beypazari. They couldn't find  a craftsman who would build a tower for that mosque, so it was built by a Christian craftsman.


KURSUNLU MOSQUE: It was built for grand vizier Nasuh Pasha who get many structures built in Beypazarı region. Kursunlu name comes from the material which was used on the dome(top) of mosque. It represents Ottoman mosque architecture with its all glory...

INCILI MOSQUE: It was built in about 1903. In the ground storey you see a few old shops. At the time it was built, it was in Jeweller's Street so its name is Incili  which means "pearl in it" 




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