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Historical Buildings


"The Unique Multilingual Site of Beypazari"

"The city you couldn't go is not yours."

Museum Houses of Beypazari

Culture House (Kültür Evi): The house donated by Nurettin Karaoguz has been used as "Culture and History House of Beypazari" since 1996. There are many precious things worth seeing like some important mine samples, antique items and documents showing history of Beypazari.  In the entrance of the house, you can see traces of the civilizations lived in Beypazari region.

Living Museum (Yaşayan Müze): Living museum is a culture establishment of Beypazari Municipality. Mansur Yavas started to set up this museum for Beypazari. This museum important for both Beypazari and Turkey because, it is the first living museum of Turkey. Sema Demir, the founder of this museum, won a prize thanks to this project.

Museum of City History (Kent Tarihi Müzesi): You can see history of Beypazari room by room from the first age to today. In addition to them, it is possible to see models of historical houses and to watch presentations about Beypazari. You can see this museum with videos recorded.

Museum House of Cahide Gursoy (Cahide Gürsoy Müze Evi ): This museum is a structure where displays, conventions and seminars are organized. Now it is used as Cahide Gursoy Museum House. She is an important artist...





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