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Historical Buildings


"The Unique Multilingual Site of Beypazari"

"The city you couldn't go is not yours."

Natural Areas

INOZU VALLEY: Inozu Valley is the first residential area of Beypazari. You can see detailed information about Inozu Valley in "First Settling" section...

               Inozu Valley                                                     Egriova Plateau

EGRIOVA PLATEAU: Egriova Plateau is a picturesque natural area which is surrounded by a lake and forests. You can have a good time at a weekend with this wonderful view. The activities you can do is golf, trekking, horse riding. In addition to that, Karasar-Egriova Festival is organized each year. It is only 50 kilometres to Beypazari.

KARAGOL(BLACK LAKE): Karagol is on the way of Egriova. It has a nice view at least as Egriova. There are small bungolow houses around the lake. You can relax at these houses whenever you want to escape from boring cbig cities. It is only 32 kilometres to Beypazari.

TEKKE MOUNTAIN-PLATEAU: It is organized as a picnic area because this forest region is convenient for this aim. "Picnic and Stew Day" is celebrated each year. It is famous for its fresh air and clean water. It is only 11 kilometres to Beypazari...

                 Karagol(Black Lake)                                   Tekke Mountain



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