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Historical Buildings


"The Unique Multilingual Site of Beypazari"

"The city you couldn't go is not yours."

Public House (Halk Evi)

In spite of economical problems lived in the first years of Turkish Republic, Public Houses were built in Turkey. One of these houses was built in Beypazari to keep its culture and traditions, and get benefits of physical, educational and cultural activities. It was used as a library for literature studies and a theatre stage to display their plays. After that it was used as cinema. National ceremonies used to be celebrated in front of Public House as you see the crowded at the left picture.  


The present form of this building is used as a center which seminars are organized. In the mean time it is used as Cahide Gursoy Museum House.





Why Cahide Gursoy Museum House?

Cahide Gursoy is an artist whose family had lived in Beypazari for years, so it is organized as Cahide Gursoy Museum House to the memory of her.









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