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"The Unique Multilingual Site of Beypazari"

"The city you couldn't go is not yours."

Thermal Baths and Spas in Beypazari

Beyter (Dutlu Tahtalı Thermal Facilities): It is one of the richest known water about minerals. Health and treatment cures are certified by Healt Ministry of Turkish Republic. Facilities are 100 km to Ankara and 20 km to Beypazari. There are 3 natural spring water in this facility. There are 300 rooms and 700 beds. In 36 rooms, you can get thermal water into your bath tube and you have the opportunity to have a phone, television, fridge, shower cabin, wc... You pay only for accommodation so the other facilities are free.

Ayas Thermal Resort: HIt has been giving service since 1892. It is the first resort which is certified first in Turkey by Health Ministry of Turkish Republic. It is only 83 km to Ankara and 12 km to Beypazari. It has 380 rooms and 1000 beds. Doctors who have physiotherapy knowledge give service to the patients.









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