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"The Unique Multilingual Site of Beypazari"

"The city you couldn't go is not yours."

Important Tombs of Beypazari


CUPOLA OF BOGAZKESEN: Bou can see the cupola of Bogazkesen on a hill in the entrance of Inozu Valley. Cupolas are graves of important people in Seljuqi times. These important people may be religious or/and political leaders of the time. In Bogazkesen Cupola built in 13th century, it is predicted that there are two graves of a religious leader and a political leader. It could be used an observation tower in the past, because it is on an important point you can control all th valley.

TOMB OF 7 DERVISHES: It is on the 3rd kilometres of Inozu Valley. According to floating rumour, 7 dervishes come from Khorasan (Horasan) and start to educate their followers in that region. After they died, they were buried all together there.

TOMB OF GAZI GUNDUZALP: Tomb of Gazi Gunduzalp who is Osman Bey's grandfather is in  Hirkatepe village of Beypazari. Osman Bey is the founder of Ottoman Empire. According to the rumours, he died in a war against Greece. It is nearly 20 kilometres to Beypazari.


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