Visit Beypazari to see traces of Ottoman History!
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FOr photographers:
Hidirlik Hill Inozu Valley, public in the city center, artcrafts, narrow streets may be interesting for you...
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You see detailed big-size map by clicking on the picture. There are touristic places which can draw your attention. In addition to that, you can take a free map and brochure from Tourist Information Office.
The map includes all the places we mentioned below, but we gave these places again for you to get detailed information.
The places which should be in your tour program:
Beypazarliyiz.com sums up the places you should see certainly. I hope it will be helpful for you and you will leave Beypazari with a smiling face, of course to come again...
Hidirlik Hill is one of the highest hills which you can see paranomic view of Beypazari. It is usually the starting point of tour programs.
Inozu Valley is a protected area as naturally and historically. It was used as a settlement place in the first ages. Now It is a natural area which shelter 100 bird and 60 butterfly types.
An open air museum,  Beypazari!!!