Fatih GUNGOR and Beypazarliyiz.com
Who I am? Why I designed this web site?
I was born in Ankara, 1987. I have been living in Beypazari since I was 2 years old. Now, I am studying at English Language Teaching Department of Gazi University. I am at 4th grade. As a coincidence I met with guidance service of Beypazari and I got membership of this service. I searched for information about Beypazari.  Then I decided to combine these information with my web design interest. Beypazarliyiz.com is the result of this study.
Services we can cover?
I aim to present the most proper information with a quality service. In this concept, I provide organization, congress, meetings, catering and guidance service al together or seperately. In the direction of your demand, I am ready to welcome your organizations...
How you can contact with me?
1- Cell Phone : 0 (544) 7602113                                      2- Msn/E-Mail : gungorf01@hotmail.com                  3-By filling our communication form!

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